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Summary of Qualifications

Bullet Extensive experience in Canada's blood system working as a laboratory technologist, educator, and consultant 

Bullet Semi-retired but still consult on using the Internet for professional development (websites and mailing lists), specializing in transfusion medicine education

Bullet Disclosure: Mostly I now work on the Internet, some jobs for pay and some 'jobettes' just for fun

Skills I'm reasonably good at include

    Transfusion medicine education

     Using the Internet for professional development

     Web site development, content provision, and mailing list management 

    Interview in "Listserv At Work" (Autumn 2004)

     Information searching and retrieval

     Technical and scientific writing

     Critical analysis of scientific literature

Incredibly lucky to receive local, national, and international awards:

When it comes to awards, friends are everything, since they propose and support the honour. According to George Bernard Shaw, "The only service a friend can really render is to keep up your courage by holding up to you a mirror in which you can see a noble image of yourself." But it’s critical not to believe it.

 Life membership, AABB (not an award but nice, nonetheless): 16 Nov. 2017 | After tweeting about whether to re-new after 42 yrs as member, AABB kindly replied. Much appreciated!


Bullet BSc, University of Manitoba

Bullet MEd, University of Alberta (adult education)

Professional Qualifications

Bullet Subject RT in immunohematology, Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS)

Professional Experience  

Consult in transfusion medicine education, professional development, and use of the Internet.


 1. BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO) and the TraQ program, Vancouver:

Develop interactive case studies (2000 - 2008)

TraQ website coordinator and webmaster (Nov. 2002 - present)

 2. Canadian Society for Transfusion Medicine (CSTM) 

Webmaster (2001 - May 2010)

  • Bullet Project (2003-4): Led a consulting team (Bev Padget, Maureen Patterson) that revised the CSTM Standards 

 3. Canada's Transfusion Safety Officers  

Webmaster (August 2002 - 2017, after which the TSO site move to the CSTM website)

Manager of "transfusion" mailing list (March 2001 - present)

 4. Canada's National Advisory Committee (NAC) on Blood and Blood Products: Webmaster (June 2009 - June 2010) 

 5. Media Lab, Inc (Online Compliance and Continuing Education for Clinical Laboratories): Develop case studies (2009 - present)

 6. Global Blood Resources: Webmaster & communication specialist (2002 - May 2010)


Bullet 5D, Software Solutions Division of  Haemonetics:

Developed and delivered 2 half-day presentations on the blood system to 5D staff (Jan. 2008)
Developed 2 half-day presentations for 5D staff (presented by Bev Padget, Aug. 2008)

Bullet Alberta Health & Wellness: One of a consortium of consultants* hired by Alberta Health & Wellness to develop a Provincial Blood Contingency Plan to deal with severe blood shortages from pandemics and other causes. (July 3 - Nov. 30, 2007) * Consortium included Penny Chan, Kathy Chambers, Maureen Patterson, Dianne Powell, (Powell -2nd blog), and Maureen [Webb] Ffoulkes-Jones

Bullet Constella Health Sciences, Constella Group: Recruited quality system specialists and bilingual medical technologists for work on a National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH project in Africa (Feb-Mar. 2004)

"Just for fun" Experience

bullet Assistant clinical professor, Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), University of Alberta (1999 -present) The appointment in MLS allows me to maintain this website and the MLS mailing lists.

bullet Volunteer webmaster for International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science  (1999 - 2004)

bullet Founder and listowner of MEDLAB-L, a mailing list for medical laboratory professionals with 2400+ subscribers in 50 countries (1994 - present) 

bullet Public member, College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Alberta (Sept. 2002 - June 2003)

bullet Member, CSMLS Certification Board and Scientific Advisory Panel 

Other Consulting Experience 

bullet University of Alberta, Division of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)  Taught scientific writing and critical analysis of literature in MLSCI 320  (1999-Nov. 2003)

bullet Canadian Blood Services  

  • Head Office - Ottawa: Developed content for new educational website (, which has since transmogrified into a totally different website  (2000-Nov. 2003)

  • Head Office - Ottawa: Working with ACERRA Learning, a division of Algonquin College of Applied Arts & Technology, developed web-based training scripts for implementation of Mak PROGESA information system (July-Dec. 2002)

  • Regulatory Compliance Project (Edmonton): Prepared SOP training materials (1995-1996)

bullet New Brunswick Community College (MLT program): Assisted instructional staff in laboratory sections of transfusion science courses (2002-June 2003)

bullet TTG Systems, Edmonton. Advised on instructional design for a project with the Oklahoma Blood Institute; created content for transfusion medicine learning modules (1999-2002). Note: TTG has since concentrated on the oil industry.

bullet AAHEPP (Alberta Area Health Education Partnership Program). Conducted a survey sponsored by Alberta Learning and Alberta Health and Wellness to determine the costs of clinical education of health professionals in Alberta; wrote report that documented cost components and drivers and recommended ways to support and fund clinical placements. (April-July 2001)

bullet Linus Software, Vancouver.  Created and provided support for electronic discussion groups for health professionals (2000-2001)

bullet Capital Health, now AHS, Edmonton. Assisted transfusion service in planning and coordinating 'Archival Blood Record Review Project' (June-August 2000)

bullet Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization (Clinical Laboratory Services Division), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Coordinated a 3-person team who conducted a 5-day conference in Dhahran (Update in Clinical Laboratory Medicine); delivered multiple presentations and seminars in transfusion medicine (1998)

Other work experience

1999-May 2000: Assistant laboratory manager, Canadian Blood Services, Edmonton. Led the process to revise most laboratory methods in conjunction with being the Canadian pilot site to implement the CBS's new computer system (Mak PROGESA) in the crossmatch and reference laboratories.

1977-99: Assistant Professor, MLS, University of Alberta & Clinical instructor, University of Alberta Hospitals Transfusion Service (Capital Health, now AHS)

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